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RedLine Resophonics Econoline Model R-Body Square Neck, #154

When you see "Econoline" on any RedLine Resophonics Guitar, it refers to our lower priced line of resophonic guitars. These are great guitars, still built with the emphasis on top quality tone and playability. It is just that we build them in a way that is less costly to us, and we pass the savings on to you. This guitar has been built with the traditional classic R-Body size and shape. The Top and Back are made with a maple laminate, very similar to the way this style of guitar was built many years ago. The Sides are made from solid book-matched hard maple. The neck is made of maple as well, and is fit with an East Indian Rosewood Fretboard with wire frets. The headstock overlay is also made of Rosewood. You may have noticed that there is no binding on the body of this guitar. Instead, we "ease" the edges with a 3/16" radius round-over. This helps keep the cost down, but it also makes this a very comfortable guitar to hold and play. Not having sharp edges on the body is really a bonus in this regard, especially while playing it in your lap. It also adds somewhat to the "vintage vibe" of this guitar. This is a very versatile resophonic guitar. The laminate top and back give a tone that harkens back to the sound of resophonic guitars from decades ago, but the more modern open internal construction gives this guitar a bit more of a "modern" sound. The best of both worlds, you might say! As with our all-solid wood builds, this guitar offers all the volume you are likely to ever need, without having to lug around a bigger guitar. That in itself is a great combination. Plenty of volume and great tonal properties in an easy to hold, easy to carry around instrument. Our modern internal bracing definitely adds to the overall performance of this attractively priced guitar. The understated Vintage Brown finish also makes it a handsome axe! One note about our Econoline Series. Sometime back, we used to use imported cones and spiders on this model. Recently w