Finish Vintage Sunburst

HGH Short Scale Electric Banjo, Flying Vee, Single Pickup, Vintage Sunburst

Introducing the All New HGH Short Scale Electric Banjo, now with hardwood bodies and high quality components! If you are a banjo player looking for something a bit different, or even a guitar or mandolin player, perhaps looking for a way to branch out a bit, this just might be the instrument for you. Plug it in and play, or it makes a nice practice instrument. Hone your banjo playing skills without driving others around you crazy!

This model features an attractive vintage sunburst finish and a special design 5 pole pick-up specs wound similar to a '52 Telecaster requested per Harry Harless, the designer of these instruments.

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Price / kg:
FVvb1 (1)


  • Five string banjo neck
  • Bridge Pick-up: ALNICO 5, Typically 5.2-5.4K, 8000 Winds.
  • Alpha Full Size Pots Volume and Tone Controls
  • Solid 1 5/8" thick solid Mahogany, Ash, or Maple Body
  • Hard Maple Neck
  • East Indian Rosewood Fretboard
  • Double-Action Truss Rod
  • 23 3/4" Fret Scale
  • 24 frets for two full octave range
  • 1/4" Mother of Pearl Dot Markers
  • Fully Adjustable Strat Style Hardtail Bridge
  • Bone Nut
  • All metal parts chrome plated
  • Gig Bag Included

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