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Blowout 1st Generation Mini Electric Banjo Clearance Sale!!!

Blowout Mini Electric Banjo Clearance Sale!!!

For a limited time, we're letting our remaining stock of first generation Mini Electric Banjos go for a reduced price of $400!
That's more than 25% off our original price of $525.

Get 'em while they last- first come, first served!

These "1st generation" mini electric bajos are the result of a collaboration between RedLine Acoustics and two local talented gentleman, Harry and Gary. Harry had made a few of these instruments in his home shop. Gary came on board and helped us refine the design and some of our manufacturing methods. We build these instruments in our shop in Hendersonville, Tennessee, just outside of Nashville.

If you are a banjo player looking for something a bit different, or even a guitar or mandolin player, perhaps looking for a way to branch out a bit, this just might be the instrument for you. Plug it in and play, or use it as a practice instrument to hone your banjo chops without driving those around you crazy!

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