Traveler Mandolins

I started my journey into instrument building with this style of mandolin. I was always intrigued by the vintage Army/Navy style flat top mandolins. I also figured that if I was going to get first-hand experience with how different wood species would affect the tonal properties of stringed instruments, (without it taking TOO many years), this mandolin style would be a good platform to learn these things, as they don't take nearly the amount of hours to build as carved top instruments.

Our Traveler Mandolins employ an "Induced Arch" system on the top and back, which not only increases the structural integrity of the instrument, but also allows for a much greater amount of tone and volume than most people expect from this type of instrument. These mandolins have outstanding tone and presence, along with plenty of volume. They're quite easy to play too, as we include our Pro-Style Set-Up on all of the instruments we build. We have already it fitted with our own Cumberland Acoustic Adjustable Mandolin Bridge, Radiused Fretboard and slightly larger frets, which will all help to make your playing experience all you hope it to be.

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