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RL-18 Dreadnought Guitar # 027

This is our version of a straight ahead mahogany dreadnought guitar. This one is made with Sapele instead of mahogany, but it is very similar to mahogany in tonal and volume values. It's just usually got a little bit more figure in it, making it look somewhat "ribbony", as is evident on this guitar. We are offering this guitar at a very low price, as somewhere along the line, it experienced a bit of a seam separation on the top. The repair is strong and stable. The only problem is that it is still a bit visible. This guitar has also been played some, probably mostly at shows and festivals, but there are a few scratches on it. Our loss. Your gain. The good news is that this guitar sounds and plays great. Just what you might expect from a mahogany dread. At $1250, we are under half the price of a new one. A slightly shop worn hard shell case is included. It's good when things match!